Paper making system

TMEIC has a successful history providing drive systems for the paper and pulp industry, playing a role as a pioneer of the following innovative technology.

  1. 1. Paper machine sectional drive system (1st in Japan)
  2. 2. Brushless drive system (1st in the World)
  3. 3. All digital control system
  4. 4. Fiber optic transmission technology

Today, pulp and paper manufacturers focus on plant operation efficiency, such as energy savings, automation control for cost reduction, and total coordination of the control system. To achieve high efficiency, a close relationship between users and suppliers is required to identify areas where improvements can be capitalized.

TMEIC utilizes the vast resources of TOSHIBA and MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC to provide customers with quality products and application expertise.
Thus TMEIC supplies engineered solutions and service for the whole electrical systems for the paper and pulp industry. TMEIC is a "World Leader" of industrial automation and drives systems for the paper & pulp industries.

Paper making system
1 Electrics for Paper making /finishing/processing equipment for winders, coaters, super calenders, cutters
2 Drive equipment from large motors (thermal mechanical pulper, chipper) to small motors
3 Power distribution system, High/Low voltage distribution system
4 High and low voltage motors/energy saving inverter systems
5 Instrumentation and control systems for ?stock preparation? / ?color kitchen?
6 Factory Automation (F.A.) control system for finishing process/ logistics/warehouse automation
7 Utility monitoring computer system to save energy
8 Instrumentation and electric control integrated system/Manufacturing control system


Paper making system

Paper making system


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