Message from President and CEO

We drive industry

As a Leading Global Company and Industrial Systems Integrator, TMEIC is proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary on October 1, 2013.

TMEIC was established in October 2003. Our domain, industrial systems business, is derived from our parent companies; TOSHIBA Corporation & MITSUBISHI Electric Corporation. Since our inception, TMEIC has integrated advanced industrial technologies with the goal of providing client satisfaction. We express our gratitude to all clients and collaborators for your confidence and support during our first ten years.

The world is changing rapidly and TMEIC will respond by increasing our global footprint and focusing on industrial systems technology for providing energy and protecting the environment. We shall provide products to solve these issues in order to enhance our client's competitive power. In order to shape the plan, we shall allocate our resources to support globalization, environment and energy though our "GREEN BUSINESS" project.

One example is our investment in the photovoltaic inverter business. This initiative will support society and help to improve the environment well into the future.

Furthermore, to support rapidly developing countries we are now increasing our sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service bases in North America, South America, Europe, India, Middle East and even Asia to provide better service and support for our clients.

Our corporate statement, "We drive industry", This statement reveals our will to stand as the driving power of industry and to contribute to our society's progress. Here we declare to step forward together with our clients, providing advanced technology, products, and services as the "Leading Global Company and Industrial System Integrator".

TMEIC asks that you continue to watch over our activity and also thanks you for your continued warm patronage.

Thank you.

President Junichi Ichihara President Junichi Ichihara


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