Rotating machinery

Drive force that brings maximum cost performance
with high efficiency and high quality

TMEIC has a proud and rich history of providing the latest technology for a broad range of industrial processes. Leveraging application and design experience allows us to deliver solutions that have high reliability and the lowest cost of ownership. We utilize the latest mechanical and electro-magnetic design tools to assure our products meet customer requirements while optimizing size, weight and efficiency of operation.


Horizontal type motor
Vertical type motor
TMEIC's flexible design philosophy results in motors that are constructed to comply with the most arduous of customer and site-specific requirements, from low noise operation to explosion protected designs for use in hazardous areas.
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Metal rolling mills motors
Super high speed motors
Motors can be designed for special or specific industrial needs such as metal rolling mills or super high speed compressor drives.


Air-cooled turbine generator
   Wind power generator
TMEIC has a wealth of experience in providing a variety of power generation systems, including air-cooled turbine generators (up to 100MVA), wind turbine driven generators and diesel engine driven generators.


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